2020 MG HS Excite Review

July 19, 2020

The 2020 MG HS is packed full of standard inclusions, and offers a compelling value proposition in what is now the most competitive segment for Australian family buyers.

The 2020 MG HS Excite is now a very interesting proposition in a crowded medium-SUV segment. As we found at launch, it’s an SUV that is built to a quality beyond what the price might indicate, and since then we’ve been looking forward to spending some time with it.

Our test this time is of the Excite specification grade specifically, whereas at launch we drove both the Vibe and Excite. The easy to understand range is value-packed and full of standard equipment, too, meaning buyers get plenty of value regardless of whether their budget stretches to the more expensive variant we’re testing here or not.

This Excite model here is priced at $34,790 drive-away. Compare that to the segment favourites, and you can understand why people are starting to ask about MG. You need to stretch a hell of a lot further to get this much equipment in one of the established players.

For MG, then, there’s a lot riding on the shoulders of this SUV – it’s the best vehicle the brand has offered, and it’s competing in Australia’s most popular segment outside of dual-cabs.

In other words, this is the real family market in Australia, and now more than ever buyers are watching the bottom line like hawks. All being equal, you’d expect the HS to continue MG’s impressive recent march into our market.

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